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Dan McKinley,    Christ Church of Hamilton & Wenham, S. Hamilton, MA,

I canít thank you enough for the fabulous time we had in Ireland!!! Everything went very smoothly, even invisibly so. (People take note when things donít go well; they donít necessarily note everything that does go well.)

Simon was a great tour leader. Everyone enjoyed his expertise, calmness, organization, and warmth.

Thank you, Peter, for suggesting St. Patrickís Cathedral as an option. The cathedral staff were very hospitable, and Peter Barley was a magnificent host, who went the extra mile to welcome us, to answer many questions of detail, and to allow extra practice time for organists Andy Kotylo, Andrea Boudra, and me.

Everyone VERY MUCH appreciated the amount of free time in Dublin, and Iím glad that we didnít over-program the week.

The River Island Hotel was an excellent choice for our southwest excursion. The dinner there was astonishingly good, with three choices per course and superbly prepared food. Everyone commented that it wasnít your average hotel meal. The same could be said for the buffet breakfast, especially at the very early time on our departure day. (The hotel outdid itself in adjusting to our schedule that morning.)

Castleisland was an excellent alternative to the more expensive - and touristy - Killarney. Castleislandís centre, its church, its riverwalk, had an authenticity that was quite attractive to us. I could see that people could get bored easily if they had to spend a whole day there, but for two evenings it was quite satisfactory.

So, bravissimo for all the time you spent planning, changing plans, and gnashing your teeth because of us. Many people have said - and I agree - that this trip was one of our lifeís most memorable experiences, and we thank you for your efforts in making that possible.


Richard Clemmitt,    Christ Church Choir. Winnetka, Illinois, U.S.A

What a wonderful trip you arranged for us! All of the touring and accommodation were absolutely perfect. Everyone in our group had a marvelous time. I also was quite proud of our choirís singing, and, as you might imagine, enjoyed hearing any improvement we were able to make in comparison with our last trip. We were fortunate enough to have the Director of Music from York Minster in attendance at one of our Evensongs, and he invited us to sing at the Minster during a future summer.

Adam was excellent in his work with us: calm, clear, and well-organized with a fine sense of humor. It was very good to have him with us, and it was fun for me to see him again after so many years. I think I may not have seen him since the AAM convention in the late Ď90ís, but I may be wrong.

Our excursions to the Isle of Wight and to Stonehenge and Old Sarum were particularly wonderful. I canít imagine singing for a week at Salisbury and not visiting Old Sarum. The touring there linked up perfectly with all we had learned earlier in the week on our guided tour of the cathedral.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday. Elizabeth, Ethan, and Adam all send you their best wishes and thanks, too, for an absolutely super trip.


Lynn Payette,    St Luke's Episcopal Church Choir, Hot Springs, ARK, U.S.A.

I meant what I said (or tried to say) - I/we don't have the words to express our gratitude for all you did on our behalf.  Each day we thought "how can this get any better" and it always did.  Your creative and meticulous planning transformed our dream into a reality beyond my wildest hopes.

Saturday morning in London was still great fun.  These are good folk and I am blessed by their generosity of spirit every time we gather.

Please be assured that if we can pull together another journey, you'll be the 2nd person to know!  I will miss our regular correspondence.

This comes with love and good wishes from the St Luke's family to yours, 


Scott Hanoian,    Christ Church Grosse Pointe, MI

Thank YOU so very much for this email and for an unforgettably fantastic 15 days!!   I could not have been more pleased with the trip on the whole and I can really think of nothing that I would have done differently.  I was actually a bit nervous on the plane home having looked back and finding nothing that went really wrong.  No one got hurt, buses were always there, excursions always happened, etc. etc. !

Our time in St. Columbís, St. Patrickís, Christ Church, Waterford, and St. Maryís is forever etched in my mind as the moment that the choir ďgot it

Music aside, I couldnít have been happier with the two bus drivers, the restaurants, the excursions, and the schedule overall.  It gave us a grand look at Ireland as a whole and I really do feel we experienced that country at its fullest.  When I do this trip again in 10-15 years time, I will look to run the exact same itinerary.

Most importantly, I could not have asked for a better tour manager.  You made my job so incredibly easy, and there was not one moment that I worried about anything aside from the music.  You created an air of confidence for all of us, and it all seemed so easy.  (I only hope that the young choristers appreciate how much work went into it all!!!)  And, as I said at our farewell dinner, I feel that the choir and I have a wonderful new friend across the water.

Oh yes, please know that I will definitely be in touch soon about a UK trip 2013.  I canít wait!!


Linda Stowe,    St Marks School of Texas.

Thank you for your attention to every detail of our trip, your patience and your good humour.  You walked me through my first choir trip and I look forward to more.  The chaperones say this has been the least stressful and best organised ever----I owe it all to you


Karen Crosby,    St. Peter's Church, Osterville, Massachusetts

I cannot thank you enough for facilitating a ďtrip of a lifetimeĒ for our choir here at St Pauls. From the very first e-mail I sent inquiring about the opportunities to sing in a Cathedral---you have given me prompt, accurate and friendly information.

I also know how helpful you were to others that I have sent along to you. I have always had complete confidence in the service and information you have provided to me and my mates.

This trip exceeded all of our expectations and the experience it gave us will last so much longer than those last notes we sang for our Sunday Evensong.

Again for the entire choir I cannot thank you all enough. I will be sure to pass your name onto other choirs that are interested since we passed it off so well

May god be with you till we meet again