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Lynn Barr, General Manager, Educational Travel Experiences, Carlisle, PA 17015

Randy called me from his bus as he departed JFK Airport en route home.  He had nothing but high praise for you and the tour.  You made a big impression on him!

He said everything went like clock work.  The kids really liked you also and that takes a special person. He also told about me your Spamalot act!  It looks like you did everything right. I understand that you even used your magic to get them on the London Eye before they closed the ticket booth. You are the type of person I want on my team!

He was very pleased with the venues.  The dinner with the Mayor and the Sheriff sounded like it also went well – even had the Sheriff singing with group.  I am sure Randy will tell us a lot more next week when we are together rehearsing The Sound of America.

Thanks again for planning such a good tour.  Also thanks to your son and wife.  If you operate like we do, everyone contributes to the planning of a tour.  It is nice to have a satisfied client!  It is also nice to have you on our team!


Charles A. Rigsby, Organist & Choirmaster, St. Paul's Church, 224 North East Street, Fayetteville, AR 72701

The trip was the best ever!!!!! Everyone enjoyed every moment, even the gardens in the rain!  I don't know how you arranged such a grand time for us....just spectacular! 
Please know everyone came home very satisfied and many have stopped by my office just to tell me how wonderful the trip was and what a marvel you and Colin are.......all very happy!  Those who did not go are upset as they have heard nothing but glowing reports of our travels.


Don Horisberger, Church of the Holy Spirit Choir, Lake Forest, Illinois, U.S.A

All have arrived home safe & sound.  Simon did a truly outstanding job for us, always calm and collected, always helpful.  Durham was truly special for us, and the folks there very gracious.  I would love to do another trip in 3-4 years, but this choir is definitely aging and I think several consider this their last one.  We’ll see … if it happens, you’ll be the first to know.  When the time comes, I’ll ask which Cathedrals we should consider, given the needs of our people.  Accommodation seems increasingly to be an issue with these folks.

I can’t imagine having done any of these trips with anyone other than you – thanks so much for all each of you has done for us!


Peter B. Beardsley, M. Mus., FAGO, Canon Precentor, Christ Church Cathedral, Springfield, Massachusetts

And you, sir, deserve the lion's share of the credit.  
Thanks for your vision and thoughtfulness in pacing the events.  
Thanks for your sensitivity in staying on top of various of the special arrangements, including particularly the two arranged meals at the hotal and the lunch in Canterbury.  
Thanks for keeping the costs as low as possible, and for your patience when I was not able to be prompt with the first payment.  
Thanks for keeping in mind the extraordinarily wide range of ages and mobility-ability issues with which this Choir presented you.

Were I to do this again, it would be, again, with Charter Travel, without the slightest hesitation.


Stephen Schaeffer, Director of Music and Organist, The Cathedral Church of the Advent, 2017 Sixth Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203

I certainly want to foremost thank you for all the arrangements and to Simon who was splendid and so great to have along. Thank you all ever so much for making this a wonderful trip for all of us. I cannot think of any real problems.

I must say I didn’t really give Simon a thorough “good-bye” at the bus at the Manchester Airport. We were all helping unload luggage and then I was taking Beulah’s for her and all of a sudden we were in line

Thanks again for all that you did to make this a memorable  trip. As far as I am concerned we will certainly be back in touch for our next journey. And I am certain all are of one accord on this. Who knows when that might be but you will know when we first start thinking about it. Best wishes to you all, thanks again to Simon for his good humour and great work being with us, and to your entire family for getting us through the trip so well.  Cheers!


Josh Melson, Associate Minister of Music, The Presbyterian Church of Toms River, 1070 Hooper Avenue, Toms River, NJ 08753

Thank you for all that you did during the trip, especially putting up with me and Sterling!  We all had a wonderful, memorable time.  I’ll pass on the information about the funds raised at each of the concerts, that’s great!

Thanks for your help


Andrew Sheranian, Christ's Church Choir, Rye, NY
I need to talk to my people here, but I know they would be thrilled to have a chance to do this trip again...
I have already mentioned your name to many people over here who are considering choir trips. I was thrilled with your help. And thanks for your kind words about our humble little choir!