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Charter Travel is a small family business, run by ourselves Peter & Angela Baldwin and our son Simon.  We have worked with American choirs since 1985 and specialise only in choir tours and choir residencies for Groups who wish to travel and sing in Britain.  We do not work on the continent.  We are very specialised and have strong ties with many choral groups in America.  We work closely with many members of the Association of Anglican Musicians and attend their annual conference in USA every other year.  We also organise and ground handle the Association of Anglican Musicians UK Conventions in Winchester in 2017 and to Durham & Iona in 2007 and the convention in London/Oxford in 1997.

Our principal occupation is to design and organise recital opportunities throughout Britain for different types of choir.  Our involvement entails not only arranging singing opportunities but also providing accommodation, transport, attraction visits and ground handling logistics to facilitate the smooth running of the tour programme.

We do not have a brochure because everything we do is custom designed, based on a respective groups requirements.  We like to take original ideas then suggest a programme that will meet the criteria.  If a client has no pre set ideas then some information on what type of choir, age group, number involved, dates considered for travel together with type of recitals involved with in the past, will then allow us to present ideas to work on.

After careful discussion the results will eventually become a rough working platform from which we can produce skeleton itineraries usually just outlining a possible route.  From this route plan we can then start to fill in places to stay, attractions to visit and recital opportunities that will present themselves.  This does take some time but eventually after much discussion a final schedule will be agreed.  From this schedule we can prepare a price and final version of a working itinerary (this could be anything between 6 & 26 pages in length) very detailed and covering all aspects of the tour, each days timing schedule, visits, recitals and historical background associated with every venue.  Together with this main itinerary we will also produce a travel pack which will include Country maps, Town/City street maps, leaflets etc.  Every participant will get a copy and we send one in advance to introduce colleagues to where they will be going and what they will be doing.

Nothing we get involved with is left to chance, every aspect of the tour is covered, we have nearly 35 years experience of touring in Britain with many, many satisfied American choral directors.  We are able to provide extensive references from all over America.

Pricing is always the most sensitive aspect of this type of custom design tour.   However not only would our previous clients be happy to comment on our ability to deliver good tours, I am sure they will also testify to our fairness in pricing.  A British business does not prosper for nearly 35 years selling to American clients if ones pricing was not in tune to their requirements. A testimony to our fairness is the amount of repeat business we get year upon year.

An excellent guide to what a business can do for you in the future is to consider and check on what it has done in the past.  We are always delighted to give out names and contact details, they are far more informative about ones ability than all the brochures and web sites will ever be.

Thank you for considering Britain for your future choir tour.  We do try to make any visit to our country welcoming and pleasant for all our visitors.  Please contact us with any requests or questions we will be glad to help.