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The lists and information on each of the trips listed is in no particular order and shows places the groups will be visiting or traveling near.  Some of the places listed may charge an entry fee, entry fees may not be included in the price of the trip, please refer to your individual package details.  Please use these listings for information only and to give you a taste of the places and venues you will experience on your trip.

We write up lists and information for some of our trips, these are shown on the subsequent pages.  For a list of some of the choir groups we are working with in 2017 please see below.

St Pauls School, Concord, NH  -  Nicholas White

University of Pittsburgh  -  Susan Lynn Rice

St Marks Church, Geneva, ILL  -  Senja Morgan

Christ Church Cathedral, Lexington  -  Erich Balling

St Pauls Church Choir, Burlingame, CA  -  Susan Matthews

St Marks Choir, Texas  -  Tinsley Silcox

Carya Ensemble  -  Sonya Sutton

St Marks, Berkeley, CA  -  George Emblom

Christ Church Cathedral, Gross Point, MI  -  Scott Hanoian

St Michael & All Angels, Kelowna, BC, Canada  -  Matt Hill

Anglican Singers, New London, CT  -  Simon Jacobs

St Peters Episcopal Church, Albany, NY  -  Neil Keen

St Peter Choir School, North Carolina  -  Ben Outen

Christ Church, Winnetka, ILL  -  Richard Clemmitt

St Paul's Episcopal Church, Wilmington, NC  -  Ronnie Wise

St Martin in the Fields, Philadelphia, PA  -  Bradley Mattson